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Based in Her Britannic Majesty’s Commonwealth of Australia, the Grapefruit Foundation is an established Libertarian not-for-profit charitable organization sponsored and backed by WharfWebsite.

The Grapefruit Foundation contributes to the construction and development of medical institutions, educational institutions, employment services and other community services.

The Grapefruit Foundation also contributes to, and advocates for, several causes and policies.

The Grapefruit Foundation is a founding member of the Christchurch Response Group (CRG) – click here to learn more.

The Grapefruit Foundation is a supporter of the CANZUK movement and promotes the idea of a non-executive inter-governmental body consisting of political parties, independent politicians as well as other organizations and entities from the CANZUK with the purpose of promoting common values and shared goals among each other.

The Grapefruit Foundation is also a supporter of, both, the Australian Child Rights Taskforce’s and Youthlaw’s visions and values. The Australian Child Rights Taskforce, headed by Youth Law Australia and the Extraterritoriality of the United Nation’s UNICEF Australia, advocates for the promotion and fulfillment of rights for Australian youth. Youthlaw (“Youthlaw Young People’s Legal Rights Centre Inc.”) is an Australian advocate and provider of legal advice for Australian youth. Grapefruit Foundation is a registered child-related employer under Employer ID REG0047164 with the Office of the Children’s Guardian, an independent statutory authority within Her Majesty’s Government of the Australian State of New South Wales.

The Grapefruit Foundation advocates for universal adult suffrage with the term ‘adult’ being defined as fifteen years of age. The Grapefruit Foundation, as a NYRA Chapter in the United States of America (U.S.A.), challenges age discrimination (ageism), exploitation, abuse, denials of freedom of speech and expression, corporal punishments and prejudice – click here to learn more.

The Grapefruit Foundation is a supporter of the ‘Votes at 16’ campaign founded by the British Youth Council in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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The Grapefruit Foundation is a registered Civil Society Organization with the Extraterritoriality of the United Nations’ United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.