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On the 15th day of March 2019 on the Gregorian Common Era calendar, a terrorist attack was carried out on two Masjids (Masjid Al Noor and Linwood Masjid) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Innocent men, women and children lost their lives. Many may be widows or orphans as a result, hence, many may be living with no source of income or professional skill whatsoever.

You can read about the incident in various news articles, Twitter (we recommend @ilmfeed), Facebook (such as @ilmfeed) and web pages from Internet Archive to keep updated with developments.

Get to know the Muslims who were killed with this Twitter thread by Khaled Beydoun:

A beautiful open letter by Rafiq ibn Jubair to the Christchurch terrorist(s):

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is closely working with the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc. (FIANZ) on the ground to see how assistance and support can be provided to people impacted by this incident.

We, the “Grapefruit Foundation”, are part of the initiative, Christchurch Response Group, along with other organizations such as ASWJ, Islamic Relief, MATW Project, Zakat Foundation of America, Melbourne Madinah of Mercy Mission World Australia, LaunchGood/Masjid At-Taqwa/New Zealand Islamic Information Centre (NZIIC), Muslims Australia, Crescent Foundation and Muslim Aid.

The campaign on LaunchGood ‘United for Christchurch Mosque Shootings‘ as organized by Masjid At-Taqwa for NZIIC has both local & international partners supporting the victims of the #ChristchurchMasjidShootings. See images below or click here.

Donations would be highly appreciated by the men, women, elders and children who have been affected and had their lives harmed by this heartbreaking incident.

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